Welcome To The Asic Mining Hub

Hosting services for Asic Miners

One Antminer Z9,Z9 mini for only $ 200 a month

Hosting fee covers the hosting service along with all electricity charges

1. Please contact us through our sales email to purchase equipment and hosting services.

2. Once we recieve your miner, It will be set up within 1-2 business days, After it passes our saftey procedure

3. You then simply forget about your miner, unless you hear from us and enjoy the income.

Dont waste your time mining bitcoin with the Asic miners that are available. Join the future mining equihash.

Profitability of the new S9j by Bitmain is lucky to turn any profit

Profitability of the new Antminer L3++ is lucky to turn any profit

The Ship date for the Antminer Z9 is Sep. 1-10. And the Z9 Mini ships Aug. 24-Sep.4

Ways of reaching us

Support: support@asicmininghub.com

Sales: sales@asicmininghub.com